What is Sand Fabric?

What is the Sandy fabric, usually spandex + polyester fabric is made from yarn. This fabric was in the past usually preferred by women of a certain age. Initially, Sandy fabric, a fabric that is used for shirts and dresses, while the full-length was used to sew dresses recently. One of the most remarkable features of the fabric is that it has a smooth and shiny surface. Because of this property, mainly used in varieties of dresses and shirts. According to the application areas of the fabric and the fabric is thin or thick whether the position can be given. The performance is divided into two types according to weaving: slim type Bold Type. Sandy is easily available fabrics in the market. Terms of cost, quality expensive or poor quality, but it's very affordable. High quality fabrics, other sand-colored fabric is clearly different. Sand glands cheaper and easy to purchase on the market are common. Or a shirt dress fabrics manufacturers often cheaper because it is used in serial production uses. Cheap fabrics is inferior needless to say. On the other hand, first-class fabrics, knitted structures directly comes to the fore.

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